M&G (Lux) Investment Funds 1 Prospectus Update


We are making changes to a number of sub-funds of M&G (Lux) Investment Funds 1.

All changes are reflected in an updated version of the Prospectus available on our website or by contacting our Customer Services team by email at csmandg@rbc.com or by telephone +352 2605 9944 from 09:00 to 18:00 CET Monday to Friday. For security and to improve the quality of our service we may record and monitor telephone calls.

Notifiable changes are also detailed in the following letter that was sent to Shareholders.

Other changes may have been made to the Prospectus that are not mentioned in this letter.

Please note that some of the funds disclosed in this letter may not be registered and/or authorised for distribution in your country.

This letter should not be considered or read as any form of marketing.

Important information