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Asian equities

The Investment strategy of this team includes:

  • Value creation, not economic growth, drives long-term equity returns
  • Taking advantage of improvements in corporate governance
  • Long-term approach focused on company fundamentals and valuation
  • Picking stocks benefiting from four distinct catalysts of return on capital

Prices may fluctuate and you may not get back your original investment. The value of overseas investments may be affected by currency exchange rates.

M&G Asian Fund

Fund manager: Matthew Vaight

The Fund’s sole objective is long term capital growth. It invests wholly or mainly in a range of Asian (including Australasian) securities. When not wholly invested as above, the Fund may also invest in global securities with the exception of Japanese securities.

The rapid pace of economic growth in Asia presents investors with a wide choice of investment opportunities. But growth does not necessarily deliver shareholder value in the long run – returns also matter. The fund manager’s investment strategy therefore looks beyond the macroeconomic picture and focuses on individual companies that can harness the growth profitably.

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